Spring is here!

It's getting warmer outside and we are looking forward to sunshine and spring. Now, we all need a splash of colour in our lives. So how about the bright and happy collars, leashes and harnesses from our Barcelona collection? In addition, the leather is eco-certified and due to the olive leaf tanning especially sustainable. The perfect spring outfit, also for your beloved pup!

About us

We are the subsidiary of a leather producer. Therefore, we control the entire production chain and know each article by heart. Our products are made in Germany with lots of love, tradition and artisanry. We put your pet into our main focus. 


  •  Sustainable and ecological articles made from 100% leather
  •  Quality "Made in Germany"
  •  Full transparency on the production process
  •  End-to-end production - from leather to final product
  •  Your pet is our focus

We live sustainability

Leather itself is an absolutely sustainable material. As a by-product from the food industry, it is turned into a long-living and robust material through tanning. In addition, we omit plastics wherever possible. Therefore, we use a "Leather band" as hanger, have paper packaging and keep transport short. And for everyone who wants even more, we have a collection made from eco-certified leather!