From 22.12.2018 until the 06.01.2019 we from "Das Lederband GmbH" won't deliver any packages.
All incoming orders within this period, will be packed and delivered on the 7th of January 2019.

Thank you for your patience.
"Das Lederband"-Team wishes you a merry christmas and also a happy new year 2019!

 The   Amsterdam   collection...


The Amsterdam collection reflects the timeless colour palette of natural tones. Therefore, you can find soft greens and watery blues as well as strong earthy tones. The collars have the D-Ring attached together with the buckle, providing your dog with the greatest possible comfort. The specialty is our dog leash. In addition to the coloured leashes, we have created a leash in the colour of the lower band, so the leash can be combined with several collars of the range. An innovation is also the universal leash. It consists of 3 parts, which can be combined ino many new varieties.

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