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we at "Das Lederband" focus on your pet.

Therefore, you not only get elegant design with us, but we pay attention to every detail on the well-being and health of your dog. So we make our products mainly from our own high quality leathers, all tanned in a sustainable and environmentally friendly process. We also make sure that your pet has as little skin contact as possible with the metal parts used to avoid abrasions or skin irritation.

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Das Lederband

is a subsidiary of Weinheimer Leder GmbH, which emerged in 2003 as an independent company from the Freudenberg group. We are therefore looking back on a 150-year-old tradtion of tanning and artisan leather production. From the beginning, we control our production process according to the strictest criteria. This starts with the purchase of our raw materials and continues with our recipes and formulas, all the way to the strict final controls of the finsihed leathers.

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