we at "Das Lederband" focus on your pet.

Therefore, you not only get elegant design with us, but we pay attention to every detail on the well-being and health of your dog. So we make our products mainly from our own high quality leathers, all tanned in a sustainable and environmentally friendly process. We also make sure that your pet has as little skin contact as possible with the metal parts used to avoid abrasions or skin irritation.

We produce according to the strictest safety regulations and environmental standards and attach great importance to environmental protection, animal welfare, sustainability and the preservation of resources. Therefore, you will also find a reusable leather strap as a hanger and no unnecessary plastics.

As a 100% subsidiary of Weinheimer Leder, we naturally follow the philosophy and tradition of the parent company. Weinheimer Leder GmbH sets clear standards for the "Das Lederband GmbH" as a very respected and internationally established company in the tannery trade. Further information can be found on the website of Weinheimer Leder GmbH.