Leather care

Leather itself is a robust and tough material - similar to our skin. But once in a while it needs a bit of care. We suggest drying we leather always slowly on its own. To preserve colour and smoothness, treat it abour once a month with a specialized leather care product. That way, you are able to enjoy your collar, leash or harness for many years to come. HERE you can find out more on how to care for leather correctly. Also, we offer you the right care product for each article.

Machine-washable leather

Our washable leather can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Please use a mild colour detergent WITHOUT bleach or our special fur detergent. Wash the collar or leash on warm with a maximum of 30°C and add 3 table spoons of household vinager to the main cycle. Find out HERE how to wash leather correctly.

How to measure correctly

To find out the matching size, put a flexible measuring tape around your dog's neck. Make sure, it is in the same location as the collar. Tighten the tape so you can still easily fit 2 fingers between neck and tape. The measured length should be within the listed adjustment range. For more information on how to measure correctly, and for instructions on how to find the perfect fitting martingale collar or harness, please click HERE

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