How to care for leather correctly

Leather is just like our skin - soft as well as robust, breathable and waterrepellent. But just as skin, leather needs a bit of care from time to time to keep its natural beauty.

- Never dry leather on the heating as it will become dry and can crack. Instead, dry the leather slowly and steadily at moderate room temperature.

- Remove dirt with a soft brush. Afterwards, you can clean the leather with a soft, damp cloth.

- We recommend using a suitable leather care product every 1-2 months. This will help to guard softness and colour for many years. HERE you can find the right care product for all our articles.

How to wash leather in the washing machine

In our collections BostonToronto and Dublin, we are using a special kind of leather. Due to a specialized tanning process, these leathers are washable and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Please use a mild colour detergent WITHOUT bleach or use our special fur detergent. Wash the collar, harness or leash on warm with a maximum of 30°C and add 3 table spoons of household vinager to the main cycle. The vinager is not only desinfecting and smell neutralizing, it also lowers the ph-level of the water and therefore conserves the colour. To protect the buckles and metal parts, we suggest useing a laundry sack. After the wash, let the product dry slowly by itself at room temperature. Using an impregnation spray will help to conserve colour and protect longevity.